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Selling With Lazar Homes


Are you ready to sell your home?

Follow these steps:



The process of selling a house is a blend of emotion and fact. Selling a home can be a complicated and emotional journey if not managed properly. Every homeowner is dealing with the sale of an asset they have deep connections to, that they want to sell for the most money possible, and which they’d like to sell in the shortest time possible.

If you choose the wrong real estate agent to represent you, the process can be an emotional grind and a financial stumble.

Transpac is committed to making this transaction the smoothest one for you. Our commitment is to help you get the greatest amount money for your property. We’ll create the most effective marketing activities to generate the greatest amount of buyer interest from qualified buyers.

When we sign an agreement to sell your home, we represent your interests only — we do not work for the buyers! Here’s what we do for you when you select us:

Preparing the property for sale

  • Property Inspection

  • Pest Inspection

  • Preparation of Disclosures. We help you collect all the appropriate documents required for the sale

  • Review the current condition of your property to determine what, if any changes, you should invest in to improve the appeal of the property and building. Not every dollar invested in preparing the property will provide a positive return. Using our extensive experience, we’ll advise you on which improvements you should pay for prior to marketing the property

  • We have reliable, trusted resources for any work needed on your house and property. We can help you select which one you’d like to use. You will be billed directly for each of the resources. We receive no financial benefit from any of these vendors.

  • Using the most recent real estate transactional data available for homes similar to yours in your neighborhood, we’ll help determine the most appropriate listing price for your property.

  • Contrary to perceived conventional wisdom, not every property needs to be staged for a sale. Sometimes the property needs only to be de-cluttered, deep-cleaned, and freshened up. We’ll assess the situation with your property and counsel you about the most appropriate action to take.

Marketing the property

The perfect marketing plan for your property is the one that draws the greatest interest from qualified buyers and which generates the highest price for you. We’ll create a custom plan tailored to your home. Our plan includes:

  • High quality still photography by a professional, residential real estate photographer. There is a direct correlation between professional quality photos and perception of value of the property.

  • High quality aerial videos by a professional real estate videographer. Licensed drone operators are hired to do this and to adhere to local drone regulations.

  • The creation and distribution of a listing brochure featuring your home.

  • The creation and distribution of custom flyers which are distributed via email to the accounts of as many as 4,000 real estate agents operating in the appropriate counties and communities on the Peninsula.

  • The creation of a custom, website dedicated exclusively to your property.

  • The Lazar Homes web site will feature your property, including all the photos used for the brochure as well as others taken by the photographer. Also associated with the web site dedicated to your home will be a virtual tour, a video, and a link to the MLS listing for the property.

  • Print advertising in relevant publications.

  • Social media marketing.

  • Marketing on all real estate web sites including MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Real Scout, and others.

  • Real Estate Broker open houses (catered).

  • Real Estate Agent open houses.

  • Open-to-the-public open houses.

  • When we create marketing materials for your home, we do not prepare and publish floor plans of the house. We do this for security reasons. Providing the layout of a home, complete with locations of doors and windows might invite property theft.

Evaluating Offers

  • Depending on the conditions in the market and the amount of available housing inventory, we will either evaluate offers as we receive them or we will set a deadline for the submission of offers and evaluate them after that deadline has been met.

  • These situations are determined by the conditions in the market at the time your home is for sale. The goal is to maximize the selling price of your home.

In Contract and Escrow

  • Once the contract is ratified and an Escrow date is established, we’ll create a customized Google Calendar to ensure you are aware all closing-related activities are performed on time and with the appropriate preparation.

  • On the date of Escrow, once all the documents have been presented and approved and the funds have been transferred, the transaction is recorded and officially completed.

  • The keys are handed over to the buyer and you can prepare to move out.